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Restyle Fitness a Usable Ecommerce Experience

Selling fitness equipment is something that Restyle Fitness do well, they have been doing it for a long time and nobody knows more about it than them. What they needed was a little help bringing their website up to speed with the rest of their company.

This is were we stepped in. We know more about usability than anyone else on the planet* and we applied this knowledge to the redesign and re-brand the Restyle Fitness website.

New Restyle Fitness Logo

Working closely with Restyle's in-house team we created a website that would very easy to update and would fit in beautifully with their current content management system. This way Restyle don't have to run back to us every time a full stop needs adding.

Go and get fit now!

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* This statement may not be true and was not based on hard facts.

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