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FilmReviewFriday - Collecting Tweet-Sized Film Reviews from Twitter

What is it: A place to share film reviews using everyone's favourite social network twitter

What it does: FilmReviewFriday mines twitter for all film review tweets, collects them in one place and displays them in a nice big list. We go for quality over quantity so we aim to add only film reviews that are single tweets, no external links, straight to the point and a score if possible.

How it Works: It searches twitter every 15 minutes for any full and concise film reviews. This is just a general search. If you want to make sure a review is added to FilmReviewFriday then add the hashtag #FilmReviewFriday, #FilmFriday or #FRF to your tweet and we will definitely pick it up.

Features: Film info links, a movie search, dedicated movie pages and user generated review pages with backgrounds and colours from twitter.

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