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POPS - Pikcells Project Management System Web App

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Pikcells is a successful Architectural Visualization Studio (I didn't know what that was either) with an ever expanding team. They asked me to pop in for a cuppa and talk about the issues they were having with managing projects in their office.

I was introduced to their current project management system and found a mass of paper stuck with blu-tack on a wall with lots of scribbles on them. I wanted to help just so they could use the walls for their true purpose (like nice pictures of buildings and stuff).

A complete overhaul was needed so the ideas started popping into my head, they need a way to gauge what current projects they have and how far they are along. They should be able to access project info from anywhere, this needs to be a web app. The xhtml and css glint was in my eye, ajax would also be very fitting for such a project. Pikcells added a laundry list of ideas and "wouldn't it be nice if it did this..." to the project. This was going to be a good'n.

I jumped at the chance to liberate their walls and the rest was history. The blu-tack marks are still there but now they have POPS.

Video Demo

Overview of everything current, a starting place for all project information, status, progress and personal user reminders of deadlines. You don't miss a thing.


Why should a calendar on the web act any differently to how it does in Windows or Mac osx? It shouldn't! So we set out and built in a fully drag and drop simplicity personified calendar, which is directly linked with nice colour coded blocks to the main project database.

Projects have never been so fun to manage. Yes, it really is fun to use. When something is so helpful and user-friendly that you need no training whatsoever, it becomes a joy to use. And when we have joy in our hearts, well anything is possible.

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