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Pentaplexity, it's the name of the game

I have worked with Pentaplex in the past, many moons ago, long before the reign of the BigRedCircle. Now they have turned to me to help them promote and sell their new computer game called 'Pentaplexity'.

Images of Pentaplexity logo

The game is a very difficult mathematical puzzle, I understand very little of it. It's the kind of game that makes me want to throw my computer at the wall (in a good way?). That's not to say some serious puzzlers out there will love it.

The web design and branding are almost left in seconds place to the wording and overall voice and text on the website site. What's a website without any text?

Take a peek at the site, drink in the words and frustrate your mind by downloading the game Pentaplexity.

Click here to visit

You have been warned.

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