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International journatographist Jayemmcee spoke to me once about some foolish quest to see the world, well Asia mostly. He planned to leave the cold dark Londons and seek enlightenment a world away from where his hat was currently laid. Be able to switch off from the grid, no phone calls, no mp3 player, beef noodles for breakfast the whole shebang.

My first reaction to this bold idea was confusion then bewilderment. I for one am lost before half an hour without my iPhone. I came to the conclusion that if you're a photojournalist and want to disappear to the relatively unknown, eat snakes and boldly go where no, (not many), ok some men have gone before, you'll need one thing and one thing only...

A fully content managed website! Woooo! Built with speed and accessibility in mind and photo upload capabilities! I'm sure there are other things but this is obviously the most important.

Yep, a website that could be updated from anywhere on anything that resembled a computer was just the ticket. Who knows what kinda of computers they have in the Vietnamese jungle?

Now I present to you

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It looks like he's having fun.

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