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Portfolio – Nouveaux website has launched

Finally the new Nouveaux Online website has gone live for everyone on the internet to see. After the usual rigmarole of cross browser testing and getting the right content from the client we have finally launched the (and I quote) ‘Best Conservatory website in Liverpool’.

It has lots of funky new features but our favourite is the new online quote generator. I haven’t seen any other conservatory websites with anything like this on it. So, like captain planet we combined all of our usability powers and gave you the easiest online conservatory quote generator known to man.

Have a look around, even get a quote?

Portfolio – Nouveaux Online

See how fast you can get a quote. Maybe not the best use of the website but from the page loading to seeing a price my best time was 11.2 seconds.

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One Comment to “Portfolio – Nouveaux website has launched”

  1. Will Barron says on

    Sorry guy’s. It seems I beat your time, I got my quote in 10.9 seconds.

    Nice site tho, easy to use with some great features.

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