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Holidays are coming… Holidays are coming…

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Yes, the advert is now on TV. The one with the big Coca Cola trucks in the woods on a mystical journey to my town spreading christmas joy and wonder at every wheel spin whilst pumping out music which is clearly over the fair usage decibel levels for an evening but nothing else matters as I’m only getting a bottle of coke for christmas…

I love this advert. I must bow down to Coca Cola and the amazing marketing message they convey. I don’t think this advert was even aired when I was a child, so the sense of nostalgia and merriment I feel is completely false. This is nothing short of a miracle on Coca Cola’s part? Or perhaps subliminal images? Mass Christmas Hypnosis?

Anyway… tiss the season to be jolly it’s always the real thing!

Deck the halls with festive headers

As it’s tradition to erect trees inside the house at this time of year we are embracing the slightly newer tradition of adding a Christmas themed header to the site. It gets dark at 16:00 GMT so be sure to check back during the day to see it in all of it’s daytime glory.

Next year we WILL have a new website design

With all that has been happening in the twilight months of 2009 BigRedCircle has been very busy to say the least. Hopefully by proclaiming this on our blog it will make us knuckle down and actually get it done. We have been suffering from “That’s the next thing on our list” syndrome. It will be done.

We are still working hard and wishing every last one of you a very merry christmas and a fantastic new year.

Merry Christmas!

David McGeorge

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