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*breathes in*

It’s now or never… And it’s now!

True, the BigRedCircle website has finally launched.

*breathes out*

It’s been a long time coming so, sorry, but thanks to those who just kept on waiting. It’s well worth it, honest.

After deciding not to be a hula hoop manufacturer, we’ve come to terms with the fact that we are a web design agency. In Leeds.

At BigRedCircle we just love to make nice looking things that go on the internet. So that’s what we do – every day. But nice looking things are nothing if they don’t work very well, not on the internet at least.

That’s why our forte is intuitive usability for the web apps we make. That’s where most of our brain power goes. And that’s why we’re good at it.

Sometimes we sleepwork – but mostly we just work. Often without sleeping.

And like the geeks we are, we do actually love our jobs.

It’s like Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

So it’s all good.

We don’t have windows in our office so this BigRedCircle blog is us getting some sun in from the internet world and looking out for a few opinions along the way.

It’ll be much for many but mostly it’ll be sizzling hot behind the scenes stuff from right here at BigRedCircle. You know, trade secrets, proving conspiracy theories, scrabble high scores. The norm.

We love to share. Someone once reckoned that sharing is caring. We tried it, it’s true. So expect a lot of caring going on round here.

We’re talking free open source code snippets, php or javascript class here and there. Plus what’s hot, what’s not and just things that generally make us smile.

Right then, we’ve sharpened the HB’s, zipped up the pencil cases and put the lids back on our felt tips. Nothing left to do but some more work.

Enjoy :)

David McGeorge


4 Comments to “BigRedCircle The Website”

  1. Tim Cross says on

    Hey Davy

    Like the new website. Very swish!

    All the best with your future endeavours.


  2. Si says on

    Wow! It’s arrived! Sweet looking and, undoubtedly, well made! Well done you big red circle guys!

  3. David McGeorge says on

    Thanks for all of the kind words guys, really appreciate it!

  4. Will Barron says on

    Nice work Big Red, keep it up!

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