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Future of Web Apps London 2009 #FOWA


Every year I go to at least one conference (if you don’t I would highly recommend it) often The Future of Web Apps or The Future of Web Design, other conferences are available for the web design industry.

Each year and I come back and  write up my experiences. This is both informative and therapeutic. At BigRedCircle we try and focus on useful content and usability in everything we do and outings to The Future Of Web Aps should be no different.  

So this time the experiences of one man and a conference have been summed up in the infographic below. (Click to Enlarge)


The Rules - how it was rated

Each speaker was given a score out of 20, given at the end of each talk which was split into the following categories: Inspirability, Engagability, Teachability and Wowability. What do you mean ‘they’re not real words’?!?

5 – Inspirability (How inspiring was the speaker)
5 – Engagability (How engaged was the audience with them)
5 – Teachability (Did they teach me anything new)
5 – Wowability (How much did it make me go WOW!)

I also added a bonus ‘self promotion’ score but as this is a web conference and the speakers are generally talking about themselves or their products I decided not add this to the overall score.

Panels or talks with more than two speakers were not added to the results.

Topics covered by the speakers

A Percentage rating was also given for the content of each speaker

% – Web apps (how much of the talk is actually about web apps)
% – Marketing (how much of the talk was about marketing)
% – Development (how much of the talk was about web development)
% – Business (how much of the talk was about business)

Although this information was taken the infographic only displays the % of webapp content. This made the graph a little easier to understand.

This is by no means a scientifically accurate representation, the scores were given by one person and are massively biased so enjoy. If you attended let me know if you agree.

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4 Comments to “Future of Web Apps London 2009 #FOWA”

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  2. Ryan Carson says on

    Thanks so much for doing this – super useful and interesting for us! :)

  3. David McGeorge says on

    Thanks for the comment Ryan!

    It was a great conference this year. I’m glad it helped in some way. Let me know if you want the raw data :)

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Aden Davies says on

    It is a thing of beauty but it is also subjective…but as you created it then it is also correct. As I am a non-coder it affects who I think the best speakers were. My top three were Simon Wardley, Osama Bedier and Chris Thorpe. I agree with your least favourites though apart from Lynne Luvah. Great work.

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