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12 Days of Big Red Circles

I love this time of year because without even looking you can find Big Red Circles everywhere. With this in mind I thought I would share with you my most festive array of Big Red Circles. Consider this a my present to you all (you’re welcome).

I bring to you a non-offensive, non-denominational holiday object of joy. Unfortunately no music or lyrics by minimalist composer Philip Glass.



John Lewis giant red circle

An amusingly shaped plant pot

A home made card from a friend

The office rug

Mannequins and Big Red Circles

Habitat turns a Big Red Circle into a seat

A French Big Red Circle (Paris)

My cousin found a Big Red Circle on the climbing frame

Big Round Red Circular Bin

Red circles in the streets

A light bulb under a plastic bin

3 red faced christmas elves at a weird christmas disco?

…and a partridge in a pear tree

One Comment to “12 Days of Big Red Circles”

  1. Rich says on

    these are some of my favourite big red circles.

    1) they are quite big
    2) they are red

    that is my criteria for incredible big red circles. Thankyou

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